Monday, 9 February 2009

Go away u demon~ *_*

I finally get to put emoticon into my blog! :puteh_12:Tapi i still cant find ways to use my favourite Pyong red fox emoticon~.. :puteh_25:Biar tia la, I don think im goin to use much anyway.

Owh~ NC had Setsubun party today :pandacloud_35::pandacloud_44::pandacloud_35: its a traditional Japanese culture where we celebrate the change of season. At the same time we're having our sushi roll workshop :pandacloud_47::pandacloud_47: - each of us get the chance to make our own Eho-Maki (lucky direction sushi roll) and eat as much as you want!

Unlike last year, Yatai (Aberdeen Japanese restaurant) lend a big help this time~ We have miso sup and oden this year. And my owh my~ they're amazing! :pandacloud_38::pandacloud_38::pandacloud_38:

For the Setsubun, people throw soybeans at a demon saying out "Oni wa soto, fuku wa uchi!" (Demon out, luck in) And guess who became the devil this year? :puteh_13: Non other than the one and only~... -> Nobita-kun~ :pandacloud_34::pandacloud_34::pandacloud_34:

Hehe~ his cheeky annoying character suit him so much as a demon :pandacloud_33::pandacloud_33::pandacloud_33: well thatz my nobita.

Our event is again a successful one, things are getting better and better :pandacloud_47::pandacloud_33::pandacloud_34::pandacloud_38::pandacloud_35: Im so proud of our NC gang.

My new victims - Shin, Yoshiki and Yuki :puteh_1: Hohoho~ Jarih ni drg oleh ku. As 1 of the main Nippon Connection member, we were given a task to take care of incoming japanese exchange students. Well i hope we get along very well like how we were with Yuhei, Koki and Yuuki last year. :pandacloud_47::pandacloud_47::pandacloud_47: よろしく おねがいします!!

Ok~ gambar penutup -Peter and me :pandacloud_35::pandacloud_47::pandacloud_35: the pic i like. Nyeh happily spoiled the photo with photoshop, what the heck.

Woohoo~ i end up here ah :puteh_27::puteh_27::puteh_27: All the best to all of you out there!

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