Monday, 16 February 2009

Dat 1 person in his lecture~ *_*

Itz been a very busy week~.. My schedule are getting really tight! Sigh~ i don't like 3 hours practicals *_* they gave me the headache everytime.

Yet, i still think studying about animalz amazing :puteh_6:

Funny enough, last week i was able to join Nobita's economy lecture. rolleyesrolleyesrolleyes Of coz, I had no idea what the lecturer was talking about...

Nothing much to talk about in this post~.. surprisedsurprisedsurprised I just end it up here then? Boreng jua ah~..

Oh let me post this one last thing up~Nano'z Fujibaby'z instant photo~!
~of me
I look horribly annoying *_* but thatz just me anyway
I am who i am :puteh_19: lalala~..

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