Thursday, 12 February 2009

Malu yo~ sudah tah aher masuk, salah class lagi! Aiyaya~...

Itz already the 2nd week of new semester~.. yet, i still got lost in Uni - trying to find my class. And being the only asian in my course - adui, whatever i do, kana perhatikan. It gives me the pressure. *_*

The great thing about being a Uni student - having the time to enjoy. Aside from Japanese class, i only have 1 class every Wednesday - thus me and Nobita went to the entertainment Centre around Aberdeen beach. Wah, 1st time seeing all-in-white beach ^^ yup, still snowing.

Nobita wanted to try the 'Sketch-me' photobooth~ dude, itz 3pounds! Baik pakai photoshop saja nah~ itz way better i think -_-' so here it is.

Owh owh~ we watched Bolt in 3D~.. hehe, sakai eh *o* p aku diam2 saja takut kana ketawakan oleh orang jahat atu ;P

Wow... ...... =_=

Im so lame.

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