Saturday, 21 February 2009

Away from the pain~ *_*

Thanx to Nano, Nobita and frenz~ im feeling a whole lot better now~.. I just went thro a stressful situation these few days back~.. Big thingz, lil thingz~ doesnt bother me anymore~.. infact i feel good~ :)

Yatah i have the mood to draw again \(^^)/ Here, my drawing of random some1 i found in devianart.

Im so happy that weekend is finally here! (ToT) Itz been a very busy week, classes from morning til 6pm.. tiring yo~.. And then, another onigiri sale! Of coz, i didnt give a full time help this time~

Yet.. i still managed to be in most of Peter's photo (^0^) thanx for the quick upload!

*Capi bah aku ah~ just becoz i didnt bring my name tag...
stupid things i do for fun... :P*

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