Sunday, 8 February 2009

47kg~ *_*

47kg? ....47KG???!! I've broken my own record to reach the heaviest state ever (*o*) Awu itz really weird for me to post such a thing in my blog~.. but seriously.. ...47kg??!!!

Im sure many girls find it normal to gain weight in a very short time la~ but this never happened to me. It felt as if my body is not mine anymore.

I've always been the skinniest 1 you see (not proud of it)~ and u have no idea how much i wish i could gain weight easily. Funny enough, when i finally had my dream came true - i freak out (>_<) Is it because of the cold weather? - how come it didnt happen last year?~.. but then i guess i figure out why - aku bahagia \(=o=)/whahaha........ Aiya, kenapa org kata kalau bikin berisi ia bahagia kan?? Damn it, i really need to control myself before i get worst!

Arghh~ oklah~ lupakan tia dulu~ makan salad ja ku lapas ani eh *terkarang* T_T

Anyhu~ it has been snowing all over uk at the moment~ the longest period so far eversince i came here. The sight is still beautiful but i find the melting ice really annoying. Not liking the fact that i reach home with my foot soaking wet everytime.. owh well. =_='

Went out with the Brudonianz ^_^ man itz been a very long time nda hangout beramai. Nyeh, i miss them~ Felt so joyful inside after meeting up with them, especially at Ka rosmah and Abg Shaminan's place. :)

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