Sunday, 1 March 2009

9th year of friendship~ *_*

See Zai, i miss you too love! Puas ati bebeh??

Our 1st and last picture taken together *_* im re-posting the same pic like last time but hey, we have something extra here (^o^) thanx to Zai - i finally get to make photo collage the easiest way.

When i was in Secondary school, I never thought i would survive my days in school without Zai. We were always there for each other no matter what.

Zai always wanted to be a doctor, she had BIG AIMS and DREAMS, i admired her for that. Now she's in New Zealand studying medicine. And me? I never expect myself to study about animals in the future back then. We're now on d opposite side of the world.

Its amazing how life turned out to be....

Although we wont see each other (much/at all) for the next 5years, I do hope we'll always be the same forever... bestfriendz. :)

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