Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Ongoing shoujo comic *_*

Haha~ im not going to say anything, you can guess la~ razz

Time - in the blink of an eye~... capatnya masa berlalu.. Is it just me? neutral Easter holiday is coming in a week. After holiday - project, assignments and exam. After exam - Brunei!.....

:puteh_20:Uh.. im more worried about examz now (altho itz in the end of May), i really cant accept the fact we have to go back to resit exam in uk in August IF we fail 1 paper! And the exam is getting hard this year *nearly failed 1 of my course module last semester, so scary!* Man i really need to start studying!
Argh:puteh_28: I will do my best and try to pass everything!

Bah, back to the topic i supposed to talk about.

Our day out in town.

Went to watch'Marley and me' in VUE cinema~.. itz a good one biggrin recommended for all the dog loverz out there haha~... Nyeh, i hate dogs evil but im still an animal lover. This movie reminded me of my guinea pig somehow and my family somehow lol

After movie - dinner at Jimmy Chung's. Seriously speaking, aku kelamuan berabez udah Jimmy Chung's ani, bisai plg ayamnya halal, p masakannya smua sama everytime bah! P Nobita wanted to go there anyway.

I wasnt hungry at all sad yatah i end up sleeping in the restaurant, poor Nobita.

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