Thursday, 5 March 2009

Zayaputeri *_* Pada hari ini~

I've been playing around with photoshop today. Downloaded macam-macam types of brushes and tried every and each one of them :) itz fun.

I found my self liking the cute manga set brush :P itz so unfair how cartoonist are now compare with those before~ things are so much easier with photoshop. Using these brush makes me feel bad somehow, buyuk baa~

Nywy, Ive done the dullest poster ever made for Nippon Connections so far, for the Samurai film festival *_* I was rushing thro time! Im so sorry for making it on my very last minute once again~ guess i have a problem with prioritising my important task.... i need help -_-'

Owh aku kambang XD i've already made 8 NC posters so far! Kinda big for an unprofessional person like me. :D

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