Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Internal features of Asterias rubens (Starfish)~ *_*

Yeah~ i read/draw cartoon and blog a lot *_*~ but funny enough, i am a Marine Biology student. Why u say? Coz im a mermaid whahaha..*ok LAME people like me shouldnt joke*. I've always loved the sea, so why not?

My course is pretty interesting!~.. here, pictures of the practical this morning~

*i advice everyone to leave my blog this instance! You're about to see Pu3'z cruelty torward animals..So do not scroll down!* - and yes, starfish is an animal (duh) :P.. and uh oh, dyou know caterpillar is an insect not a worm??! omg jauh tia krg, back to the starfish.

We have to dissect a sea urchin (Eschinus esculentus) as well~! I was so sakai since itz my 1st time touching one :P No dissection picture for d sea urchin, too horrible baa~

Im so sorry for posting up such pictures in my blog :P but hey, it took gutz to take photos during the lab session when you have no friends around and all the other students got really annoyed with your behaviour. Why did i do this? Coz im PU3!! XD hohoho i do things when i feel like it, whether ppl accept it or not.

Argh, did i say anything wrong? *_*


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