Sunday, 8 March 2009

Nephrops norvogicus......MAMAM!!!

A not-so-lazy-Saturday. Slept over at Sa's place in town after having dinner at Cirta with the other Brudonians. I managed to cross out some of my list today.

Yesterday was a so-damn-lembu-Friday =_= a whole day on bed with my laptop. I finally got to 'appear' online on msn, and chatted with my frenz :) moodku berabez baik eversince.

Didnt post anything a day after yesterday, it was a hungry-hungry-Thursday. All i could think about in lecture was food :P .... i still want prawn eggs!!

Owh and guess what?! (>.<) My guinea pig is not scared of me anymore!... Altho he does still hate me somehow T_T~.. owh well, im sure we'll be fine. ^^

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