Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Ai Cayang~...*_*

Rindu serindu-rinduya~..... sing along with me ppl!

Lagi sekali, aku liat kebelakang... if only life is easier like beforeneutral Nyeh of coz, as a kid, we never get to appreciate the time we had. But i did think about the future, wondering what kind of person i will be one day.. confused somehow i never did change much.

I miss face painting with my siblings (^^) it was one the things we always do for fun... there's always something to do lol and its always noisy and full of laughter at home. Yatah it was hard masa my 1st year away from home, i didn't get used to the quite atmosphere here in uk.


I went through the pictures dalam my laptop~ Ada a few old photos i scanned back home just before i came here. I decided to post up this picture of my lil brother 16years ago haha (^o^) isnt he adorable?? Our mum scolded me and my big brother for tarik2 Yaka around on our book trolley. And yeah, that trolley mna panjang umur...
lol Yaka was so cute when he was a baby, are you curious to see how he look like now? mrgreen

Nah, his latest photo i stole from his facebook haha. Sorry lai, kaka nda minta ur permission razz nda apala, bukannya gmbar mu yg bida kaka curi kan kan? Am i right ppl, cute jua msih kan? Biasalah, liat kakanya (*o*)v

True his nose grows very big And bnyak jerawat hahaha. P masih jua hensem kan.. What? NDA?? Capa tu ah! berani jua! Aku GIGIT kamu karang!

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