Saturday, 21 March 2009

The Kusut Locust *_*

Aaarrrrggghhhhhhhhhhhhh~ :puteh_8: i cant wait for Easter holiday!!

People asked me about the effort i made for this blog. Wah for those who knew me for a very long time are not supposed to be too surprise la~ I used to write and draw atleast 10pages diary everyday~ a FULLY DETAILED diary with drawings on each small paragraph i made! Adui~ nda caya? Nah! *Owh n i was in Ugama that time hehe, click to enlarge! :D*

My point is~.. i dont feel like wasting my time on this blog, itz the only thing that made me feel for who i am supposed to be. And i feel great! I stopped writting diary since upper 6, and it made me feel... like a DIFFERENT person! I know people change when they grow older, they get busier and focus in more important things.. but.. Why do i have to be that? Why cant i just stay?

Argh, fine, i'll try to improve my time management! Aiya, see,while you all are watching online movie, chatting or reading comic, i do my blog. What difference does it make? We all are just spending out time on doing something we like la~ haha.

Awu aku kusut lagi~ you wanna know what else is kusut? mrgreenmrgreenmrgreen

Mentel jua locustnya ani eh. It was last Thursday'z Invertebrate Life practical.

Haha~ total random.

Owh owh~.. I spent so much on sushi yesterday!! :puteh_29:But itz so~ good:puteh_26: i just cant resist good food. No! No! I need to save up..SAVE UP!!


Bah, i go do my work now. *Yea right*

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