Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Another day~ *_*

I finally completed my painting set! Itz been a long while since i last paint. And now i realised........ IM NO GOOD *_* owh well~... hantam hantam saja laaa~... i need a smaller brush :P

Our Bushido: Japanese 2nd film festival started today. Watched some Documentary on Japanese Samurai. Saleh organised his kendo club and gave a very good performance to the audience. :)

Not much to say~.. I just want to thank you all the other community member, especially Peter, Saleh and Aberdeen Kendo club for our 1st day event success.. although not many ppl came... Aiya, itz monday night baaa~ *_*

Itz gonna be Tuesday *_* ... I am so~ not looking forward tomorrow~..

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